To Richard Woodhouse (Wentworth Place, Friday Morn, December 18, 1818)

Wentworth Place, Friday Morn, December 18, 1818
My dear Woodhouse
I am greatly obliged to you. I must needs feel flattered by making an impression on a set of ladies. I should be content to do so by meretricious romance verse, if they alone, and not men, were[Pg 211] to judge. I should like very much to know those ladies—though look here, Woodhouse—I have a new leaf to turn over: I must work; I must read; I must write. I am unable to afford time for new acquaintances. I am scarcely able to do my duty to those I have. Leave the matter to chance. But do not forget to give my remembrances to your cousin.
Yours most sincerely
John Keats.

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