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To John Taylor (Hampstead, January 23d,1818)

Hampstead, Friday 23d, January 1818 My dear Taylor I have spoken to Haydon about the drawing. He would do it with all his Art and Heart too, if so I will it; however, he has written thus to me; but I must tell you, first, he intends painting a finished Picture from the Poem. Thus …

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To John Taylor (Hampstead, January 10, 1818)

Hampstead, Saturday Morning, January 10, 1818 My dear Taylor Several things have kept me from you lately:—first you had got into a little hell, which I was not anxious to reconnoitre—secondly, I have made a vow not to call again without my first book: so you may expect to see me in four days. Thirdly, …

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