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To John Taylor (Fleet Street, February 5, 1818)

Fleet Street, Thursday Morn, February 5, 1818 My dear Taylor I have finished copying my Second Book—but I want it for one day to overlook it. And moreover this day I have very particular employ in the affair of Cripps—so I trespass on your indulgence, and take advantage of your good nature. You shall hear …

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To John Taylor (Hampstead, January 30, 1818)

Hampstead, January 30, 1818 My dear Taylor These lines as they now stand about “happiness,” have rung in my ears like “a chime a mending”—See here, “Behold Wherein lies happiness, Peona? fold, etc.” It appears to me the very contrary of blessed. I hope this will appear to you more eligible. “Wherein lies Happiness? In …

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