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To Benjamin Robert Haydon (Teignmouth, March 21, 1818)

Teignmouth, Saturday Morn, March 21, 1818 My dear Haydon In sooth, I hope you are not too sanguine about that seal—in sooth I hope it is not Brumidgeum—in double sooth I hope it is his—and in triple sooth I hope I shall have an impression. Such a piece of intelligence came doubly welcome to me …

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To Benjamin Robert Haydon (Hampstead, January 10, 1818)

Hampstead, Saturday Morn, January 10, 1818 My dear Haydon I should have seen you ere this, but on account of my sister being in Town: so that when I have sometimes made ten paces towards you, Fanny has called me into the City; and the Christmas Holydays are your only time to see Sisters, that …

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