To Jane Reynolds

September, 1817

My dear Jane
You must not expect that your Porcupine quill is to be shot at me with impunity – without you mean to question the existance of the Pyramids or rout Sir Isaac Newton out of his Coffin. If I did not think you had a kind of preference yourself for Juliet I would not say a word more about it – but as I know people love to be reminded of those they most love – `t is with me a certain thing that you are merely fishing for a little proing and conning thereon – As for your accusations I perhaps may answer them like Haydon in a Postcript -. If you go on at this rate I shall always have you in my imagination side by side with Bailey’s Picture of Jeremy Taylor who always looks as if he were going to hit me a rap with a Book he holds in a very threatening position. My head is always in imminent danger. – However with the armour of words and the Sword of Syllables I hope to attack you in a very short time more at length –

My love to Marianne
Your’s sincerely,
John Keats

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