To James Rice (Wentworth Place, December 1819)

Wentworth Place, December 1819

My dear Rice

As I want the coat on my back mended, I would be obliged if you would send me the one Brown left at your house by the Bearer. During your late contest I had regular reports of you, how that your time was completely taken up and your health improving. I shall call in the course of a few days, and see whether your promotion has made any difference in your Behaviour to us. I suppose Reynolds has given you an account of Brown and Elliston. As he has not rejected our Tragedy, I shall not venture to call him directly a fool; but as he wishes to put it off till next season, I cannot help thinking him little better than a knave. That it will not be acted this season is yet uncertain. Perhaps we may give it another furbish and try it at Covent Garden. ’Twould do one’s heart good to see Macready in Ludolph. If you do not see me soon it will be from the humour of writing, which I have had for three days continuing. I must say to the Muses what the maid says to the Man—“Take me while the fit is on me.”…

Ever yours sincerely
John Keats.

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