To Fanny Keats (Wentworth Place, Wednesday, December 30, 1818)

Wentworth Place, Wednesday, December 30, 1818
My dear Fanny
I am confined at Hampstead with a sore throat; but I do not expect it will keep me above two or three days. I intended to have been in Town yesterday but feel obliged to be careful a little while. I am in general so careless of these trifles, that they tease me for Months, when a few days’ care is all that is necessary. I shall not neglect any chance of an endeavour to let you return to School, nor to procure you a Visit to Mrs. Dilke’s which I have great fears about. Write me if you can find time, and also get a few lines ready for George as the Post sails next Wednesday.
Your affectionate Brother

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