To Fanny Keats (Wentworth Place, Monday Morn., February 14, 1820)

Wentworth Place, Monday Morn.
February 14, 1820

My dear Fanny

I am improving but very gradually and suspect it will be a long while before I shall be able to walk six miles. The Sun appears half inclined to shine; if he obliges us I shall take a turn in the garden this morning. No one from Town has visited me since my last. I have had so many presents of jam and jellies that they would reach side by side the length of the sideboard. I hope I shall be well before it is all consumed. I am vexed that Mr. Abbey will not allow you pocket money sufficient. He has not behaved well—By detaining money from me and George when we most wanted it he has increased our expenses. In consequence of such delay George was obliged to take his voyage to England which will be £150 out of his pocket. I enclose you a note—You shall hear from me again the day after to-morrow.

Your affectionate Brother

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