To Fanny Keats (Hampstead, Friday Morn, October 16, 1818)

Hampstead, Friday Morn, October 16, 1818
My dear Fanny
You must not condemn me for not being punctual to Thursday, for I really did not know whether it would not affect poor Tom too much to see you. You know how it hurt him to part with you the last time. At all events you shall hear from me; and if Tom keeps pretty well to-morrow, I will see Mr. Abbey the next day, and endeavour to settle that you shall be with us on Tuesday or Wednesday. I have good news from George—He has landed safely with our Sister—they are both in good health—their prospects are good—and they are by this time nighing to their journey’s end—you shall hear the particulars soon.
Your affectionate Brother
Tom’s love to you.

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