To Fanny Brawne (March (?) 1820)

March (?) 1820

My dear Fanny,
I am much better this morning than I was a week ago: indeed I improve a little every day. I rely upon taking a walk with you upon the first of may: in the mean time undergoing a babylonish captivity I shall not be jew enough to hang up my harp upon a willow, but rather endeavour to clear up my arrears in versifying and with returning health begin upon something new: pursuant to which resolution it will be necessary to have my or rather Tavlor’s manuscript, which you, if you please, will send by my Messenger either to day or tomorrow. Is Mr D with you today? You appear’d very much fatigued last night: you must look a little brighter this morning. I shall not
suffer my little girl ever to be obscured like glass breath’d upon but always bright as it is her nature to. Feeding upon sham victuals and sitting by the fire will completely annul me. I have no need of an enchanted wax figure to duplicate me for I am melting in my proper person before the fire. If you meet with any thing better (worse) than common in your Magazines let me see it.

Good bye my
sweetest Girl
J- K

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