To Charles Cowden Clarke (London, December 17th, 1816)

London, Tuesday (December 17, 1816).

My dear Charles

You may now look at Minerva’s Aegis with impunity, seeing that my awful Visage did not turn you into a John Doree. You have accordingly a legitimate title to a Copy, I will use my interest to procure it for you. I’ll tell you what I met Reynolds at Haydon’s a few mornings since he promised to be with me this Evening and Yesterday I had the same promise from Severn and I must put you in mind that on last All hallowmas’ day you gave me your word that you would spend this Evening with me, so no putting off. I have done little to Endymion lately, I hope to finish it in one more attack. I believe you I went to Richards’s it was so whoreson a Night that I stopped there all the next day. His Remembrances to you. (Ext. from the common place Book of my Mind.

Mem. Wednesday, Hampstead, call in Warner Street, a sketch of Mr. Hunt.) I will ever consider you my sincere and affectionate friend, you will not doubt that I am yours.

God bless you,
John Keats.

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