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To Thomas Keats (Cairndow, July 17, 1818)

Cairn-something [for Cairndow,] July 17, 1818 My dear Tom Here’s Brown going on so that I cannot bring to mind how the two last days have vanished—for example he says The Lady of the Lake went to Rock herself to sleep on Arthur’s seat and the Lord of the Isles coming to Press a Piece…. …

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To Thomas Keats (Belantree, July 10-14)

Belantree, July 10 Ah! ken ye what I met the day Out oure the Mountains A coming down by craggies gray An mossie fountains— Ah goud-hair’d Marie yeve I pray Ane minute’s guessing— For that I met upon the way Is past expressing. As I stood where a rocky brig A torrent crosses I spied …

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