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To Fanny Keats (Dumfries, July 2nd, 1818)

Dumfries, July 2nd, 1818 My dear Fanny I intended to have written to you from Kirkcudbright, the town I shall be in to-morrow—but I will write now because my Knapsack has worn my coat in the Seams, my coat has gone to the Tailor’s and I have but one Coat to my back in these …

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To Fanny Keats (Oxford, September 10th, 1817)

My dear Fanny Let us now begin a regular question and answer a little pro and con; letting it interfere as a pleasant method of my coming at your favorite little wants and enjoyments, that I may meet them in a way befitting a brother. We have been so little together since you have been …

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